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New Payment Methods added!
We now accept the following cryptocurrencies at our website:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, Tron, Solana, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche

New Method:
We have been working on this very advanced TCP method that has never been done before in the DDoS market, it is now fully fuctional and available on all plans!
This method will automatically detect all open TCP ports of a target and then attack all ports found, removing the need to find ports on your own.
This attack uses a variation of our powerful TCP-SYNACK method, with combination of auto detecting open ports for a very user friendly yet devastating attack.
It can take 3-5 seconds before the attack starts in full effect, after we cache the open ports for some time so the next attack is sent instantly.
Subnet and arrays are not yet supported, only single IPs, but in the future we may add these features.
As with all our methods, the effectiveness depends on how many Simultaneous attacks your plan has, each simultaneous attack multiplies your power and increases the chance of the target going down.

- We added NEW method "TCP-BYPASS" this method emulates a SYN-ACK handshake, while using residential IPs that automatically matches the same geographic location as the target IP. It is very effective at bypassing geolock targets, and also generally effective against most targets.

- Randomized source/destination ports use even *better* randomization, and select a higher range of ports that are valid and good for bypassing.

- We have fixed some internal bugs in our network that will make the Layer 4 network even more stable and efficient.

- We no longer sell plans with "1 simultaneous attacks", from now on basic plan uses 2 simultaneous attacks, it just better this way.

Discount code available 15% off! (Expires January 21st 2024)
Code: 15PERCENT2024

We have fixed a bug with blacklist causing false positives and enhanced attack speed.
Additionally we have added +1 day to all plans for the issue.

Discount code available 20% off! (Expires December 14th)

We kindly remind you to save/bookmark our backup domains.

Mirror List:
Tor domain: http://ecwvi3cd6h27r2kjx6ur6gdi4udrh66omvqeawp3dzqrtfwo432s7myd.onion
Mirror List (Mirror 1):
Mirror List (Mirror 2):
Backup Domain 1:
Backup Domain 2:
Backup Domain 3:
Backup Domain 4:
Backup Domain 5:

We recommend you save all of these in a text file, or somewhere on your device.
Thank you.

This update focuses on overall system speed and stability, attack power, good bypasses and powerful new methods.

New Methods:
Very good for PROTECTED TCP hosts, (OVH, ect). You may bypass your target with ease. TCP-PROTECT requires stacks of 10 simultaneous attacks to launch, so you must have Master plan or above to use.

A really crazy method. It uses botnets and other special features. You can consistently reach up to 150Gbit/s with just 10 concurrents. UDP-SYNERGY requires stacks of 10 simultaneous attacks to launch, so you must have Master plan or above to use.

Overall powerful TCP method that uses SYN+ACK flags to overload the target, It's very effective on 90% of hosts, it will take down nearly anything if you use enough simultaneous attacks.

Optimized UDP attack for protected servers running FIVEM protocol.

Removed Methods:

- All methods have been improved and adjusted to bypass and meet good standard, especially TCP methods.
- Telegram channel name changed from StresserPE to @StresseRU
- LTC automatic checkout has been fixed.
- Increased layer 7 server pool & fixed errors.
- Added Vietnam to L4 country code list for AMP methods.
- Improved L4 'Mimic target location' feature, now it will give greater accuracy for selecting the proper location.
- "Rand" string can now be used in L4 src/dst port fields and source IP field to select random values.
- API now returns concurrents used.
- Upgraded hardware and optimized code for overall better speeds (System is 20x faster).
- Many stability upgrades and bug fixes.