FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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How much power do I get?

Power is based on how many simultaneous attacks you purchase.
- 10Gbit/s for amp methods, per simultaneous attack with premium membership.
- 700KPPS for non-amp methods, per simultaneous attack with premium membership.

Basic plan has 1 simultaneous attack so it will give 10Gbit/s, Master plan has 10 simultaneous attacks so it will give 100Gbit/s, and so on.

Can I have a free test?

Sure message us, we will test your IP/URL with all plans and tell you which plan is required to down it.
We start our tests with low amounts of simultaneous attacks/power, and gradually increase so that you don't buy too much power for your target when it's not needed.

How do I get more power? My target isn't down!

Power is 100% determined by how many simultaneous attacks your plan has.
Each simultaneous attack multiples your power and is the most important factor for taking down large protected targets.
Feel free to contact live support if you need help with your target.

What does attack time mean?

It's how long you can send EACH attack for, we allow unlimited attacks.

Can you down OVH? How much power do I need to take down OVH?

Yes we down all OVH. Due to the high protection of OVH you need a minimum of 10 simultaneous attacks, and up to 50 for the better configured OVH.
Please do not hope to take down servers like OVH with basic plan.

Why is there no live statistics, total running attacks or online users?

Because they are bad for user privacy and serve no real purpose. They are faked on 99% of stresser sites.

How can I pay with another payment method?

We only accept cryptocurrencies. If you want to pay with a cryptocurrency not found on our invoice page, send us a message we will provide you an address to send to.

Can I have a cheaper plan if I get less maximum stress time?

No because maximum stress time has no value, only simultaneous attacks do. We allow unlimited attacks, automatically scheduled attacks, and API access, so attacks can be continously renewed with 30 seconds for 24/hr the same way as 86400 seconds can.

If I upgrade my plan do I lose money?

Not at all. If you upgrade the value of your current plan is deducted from the total and you will have 30 days with the new upgraded plan.

If I upgrade my plan do simultaneous attacks stack?

No because you are paying to transfer from one plan to another, you are not paying to combine/stack simultaneous attacks.
If you have 3 simultaneous attacks and want to buy the plan with 5 simultaneous attacks, you will have 5 simultaneous attacks after, not 8.
You only pay the price difference.

In simple terms, the cost of your current plan is refunded, and then you buy a new plan with 30 days on it.

Do you only accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes. You can use https://paxful.com to safely exchange PayPal into bitcoin from reputable sellers.